Jesse Deane

Drip Drop Play!

This is what it looks like when you have a pair of gorgeous kids, water bowls, and super excited musicians...


Percussionist Thea Rossen, and saxophonist Jesse Deane have become frequent collaborators of mine this year.  I really enjoy working with these two, as they're incredibly hard-working, comes up with interesting ideas, and aren't afraid to experiment.  

This was a quick portrait session I did with them for their Drip Drop Play! show as part of ArtPlay's New Ideas Lab program. We got some great shots using LED panels shooting through upwards from below the water bowls, as well as another speedlite as an accent/fill light. 

It's fascinating to observe the multitude of possibilities with sounds you can create by using day to day objects (in this case water, bowls, and sticks!), as well as the joy that can come from a tactile relationship with creating such sounds. 

Perhaps what we classify as mundane sounds or noise is not so far removed from actual music that we choose to hear on Spotify or at a concert hall.  Maybe the only difference is the control and order we’ve placed on them, and the platform on which they’re presented.