Tinalley String Quartet Album Launch

Inspired by the beautiful watercolour/ink design on their CD cover, I created the following video for Tinalley String Quartet's latest CD launch under the Decca Label. 

I've had the pleasure of filming this group on a number of occasions and it was actually through Tinalley that I first experienced the sublime beauty of Ravel's string quartet (an excerpt of which is on this video because I'm dreadfully biased towards it, and it's on the album!).

Inventi Ensemble's Carnival of the Animals

'They are the musicians and audiences of the future': a sentiment by Ben and Melissa that I think sums up the importance of music education in keeping the love and the craft of classical music alive.

Having seen first hand just how much joy an education show like this can bring, I think they could be right.

There was much dancing and shimmying, genuine engagement and inquisitiveness about the music and instruments, as well as laughter and panto-style interaction. The kids absolutely loved it.

And just when you thought there couldn’t be any more excitement in the room, out came the bubble machine...

Inventi Ensemble sure knew how to hit the right notes! (ba dum tss)