Homophonic! 2019

It’s always a treat being invited back to festivals. Not only do you get to see familiar faces again, but you get to enjoy the buzz and celebration of what’s on offer this time round.   

This year I was invited back by Miranda Hill from 3 Shades Black to shoot some concert photography and videography for Homophonic!

It was Homophonic!’s 8th year presenting their ‘extravaganza of new, queer, classical, awesome music’ as part of the Midsumma Festival.  The programme was a mix of composers from Australia and around the globe, and the styles were equally diverse. 

I really enjoyed the programming this year, as it had a good flow of contrasting works- from Judith Dodsworth’s performance in Adés Life Story, which was brilliantly sleazy and theatrical, to something more introverted like the world premiere of attend: extend/contain by Naima Fine, which was a haunting response to the composers’ struggle with tinnitus. Definitely worth checking out next year, if you ever get the chance!


A Quiet Moment

I have a few favourite photographs from the show, but this one would probably be at the top of the list.

I don’t ever really consider myself an event photographer, especially when I shoot concert photography and behind the scenes stuff. For me it’s like street photography, since I’m constantly waiting to capture something unexpected and catching people during an honest moment. It’s never detached or objective. I think it means I’d make a rubbish crime scene photographer, as I’d always be trying to get an interesting angle on all the dead bodies.

But I digress.